AutoSSL in cPanel failed install Let’s Encrypt

If you want to install Let’s Encrypt SSL from cPanel and got error like this,

The Let's Encrypt HTTP challenge failed: acme error 'urn:acme:error:unauthorized': Invalid response from ...

and maybe the balloon error notification like this,

The Let's Encrypt HTTP challenge failed: acme error 'urn:acme:error:unauthorized': Invalid response from

If you see this when trying to add a Let’s Encrypt SSL for your domain there are a few possible reasons:

  1. Permissions for the required directories have been changed. To check this login VIA ftp or File Manager and in your public_html directory make sure that /.well-known and ./well-known/acme-challenge both have 755 as permissions.
  2. There is something that is messing with URL structure in your root directory. The most common cause of this is the .htaccess file. Try renaming the .htaccess file something like off.htaccess and try assigning the Let’s Encrypt SSL to your domain again.

These 2 things account for 9/10 issues encountered with the Let’s Encrypt in your cPanel account. If you have checked both of these but continue to have issues, you probably using CloudFlare as your DNS management or Firewall. Do the following,

  • Login to your CloudFlare account and go to your domain setting
  • Check options under Crypto menu, try to disable CloudFlare SSL first.
  • Let's Encrypt
  • Then go to Automatic HTTPS Rewrites and disable this setting
  • Again, then go to your cPanel, open root directory of your domain using File Manager and change permission for directory .well-known to 755

After that, go to SSL Manager and try to install Let’s Encrypt certificate again. For me it works, so please try your luck.

Don’t forget to enable your SSL and Automatic HTTPS Rewrites in CloudFlare again, to make sure you’re protected.

If the problem persists, then don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, so the community can discuss together and help you with the problem. Thank you!

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