All About Domain Name

What is exactly Domain Name?

A domain name is a memorable word that we use to communicate with DNS servers from websites we visit.

Domain Name Server (DNS) is the one that translates the easy-to-remember word into an IP address.

The IP has a hard to remember format like the Phone number,

Example: or

Domains give each server a word that is easy to say and remember.

Domains hide IP addresses that most people are not interested in / care about. Domain are using an IP

In the other words, it’s easier to type in a browser rather than to remember the IP address of every website we want to visit.

Deeper About Domains

We structure Domains from left to right. With a general explanation on the right and a specific explanation on the left

The domain also has a naming format just the same as the family name/clan.

This explanation is called Domains.

  • Top Level Domain (TLD) position on the far right, for example: .com, .net, .org
  • Middle Level Domain (MLD) always in the middle, for example:,,
  • Machine Name (MN) always in the far left, for example:

Which if all combined, for example,, becomes Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN).

A domain is different from URL. URL contains more information such as folder location, year of manufacture, or protocol.

Domains in The Real World

How can we imagine the Domain Name within the server environment?

Illustration of Domain Name

The house is the server or hosting, where every room inside the house is a directory/folder. The items inside the house are the Images, Scripts, Logs, Videos, or any files inside the server.

Each house needs to have an address to be found on the internet. The long and complicated address like Jl Prof Dr Satrio Kav 18, Kuningan City, is the IP address of the server or hosting. That address is hard to remember, but you can easily replace by calling it AXA Tower. The AXA Tower is what the domain name in the real world.

We require SSL certificate to make any domain valid. The SSL certificate used to authorize the person who owned the IP address/domain name and to state that it’s secure by encrypting all the data inside-out.

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